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                Wenzhou Zhiguang Shoes-making Machines Co.,Ltd., founded in 1983, is a professional development and production of plastic molding equipment of professional and technological operation enterprise, at present already have a production molding equipment forefront product ability. Wenzhou shoes machine industry is one of the leading enterprises, in 2005 was elected as & NBSP; And who The pressure-state-response model two-star civilized unit and throughout , & NBSP; And who Wenzhou new high-tech enterprise and throughout , credit rating for and who The AAA level & throughout Enterprises, in 2011 is evaluated and who High and new technology enterprise of zhejiang province and throughout>>more




                Wenzhou Zhiguang Shoes-making Machines Co.,Ltd is a specialized USES the overseas advanced shoemaking equipment technology localization production series of products to the professional company, so far won numerous honors. More

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                General manager:0577-86720986
                Fax: 0577-86767585
                Mobile:13867726666 13906648808
                Address:Ouhai road no. 303,wenzhou city, Zhejiang province